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Thé noir aux fruits rouges bio

Organic Premium Red Fruits Black Tea 1kg

€45.90 - €45.90

Organic Premium Red Fruits Black Tea Wholesale - Organic Tea Supplier Our Organic Red Fruit Tea is a blend of black teas from the Assam region of South India to the red-fried flavor. It includes black tea, verbena, fruit (grape, raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, currant) and elderberries. Ingredients: Assam black tea, natural aroma, organic verbena,...

Thé à la menthe premium bio

Organic Premium Mint Green Tea 1kg

€34.90 - €34.90

Organic Premium Mint Green Tea Wholesale - Organic Tea Supplier Our premium organic mint tea is made from gunpowder green tea and peppermint. This gives it more character than mint nannah tea because peppermint is richer in menthol. Ingredients: Organic Gunpowder Green Tea, Organic Peppermint, Natural Flavor

Organic Green Mate 1kg

€16.90 - €16.90

Organic Green Mate Wholesale - Organic Green Mate Supplier Green mate is a typical South American drink. Its preparation is made from a plant called Yerba Mate or "Tea Paraguay". In reality it is a variety of holly whose leaves are grilled before being smoked over a wood fire to finally be crumbled and eaten like tea. Like tea or coffee, it contains...

thé à la rose bio

Organic Rose Black Tea 1kg

€33.90 - €33.90

Organic Rose Black Tea Wholesale - Organic Tea Supplier Organic Rose is a black tea from the Assam region in southern India, supplemented with rose petals (2%) and natural aroma. It has a very delicate rose savor. Ingredients: Organic Assam black tea, organic rose petals (2%), natural flavor

Earl grey bio

Organic Earl Grey 1kg

€29.90 - €29.90

Organic Earl Grey Wholesale - Organic Tea Supplier Organic Earl Gray is a blend of black teas from Ceylon, Assam and China, combined with bergamot, which makes it an Earl Grey of unmistakable finesse and taste. Ingredients: Organic Ceylon Black Tea, Organic Assam Black Tea, Natural Bergamot Flavor The Best Earl Grey in Europe - Organic Earl Grey Wholesaler

lapsang souchong bio

Organic Lapsang Souchong Smoked Tea 1kg

€45.90 - €45.90

Organic Lapsang Souchong Smoked Tea Wholesale - Organic Tea Supplier This organic Lapsang Souchong is a black tea smoked with special woods that give it a very pronounced smoked taste. Although it comes from the low leaves of the tree, souchong is classified among the fine teas. Compared to other black teas, its oxidation period is relatively long....

Thé bio Darjeeling FTGFOP

Organic Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Chamong 1kg

€52.90 - €52.90

Organic Darjeeling Chamong Wholesale - Organic Tea Supplier The Darjeeling FTGFOP 1 First Flush Organic Chamong is an organic Darjeeling of a very high quality. Its name (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe One) indicates a picking which intervenes in the spring (First Flush) and makes it possible to obtain a fresh and flowery taste. The work done on...

thé à la fleur de cerisier

Organic Miraculous Japan Flowers 1kg

€59.90 - €59.90

Organic Miraculous Japan Flowers Tea Wholesale - Organic Tea Supplier Our miraculous flowers will make you travel to Japan. Genmaicha Miyazaki organic green tea has been carefully selected to add value to cherry blossom aromas. Moreover its infusion is recognizable among all thanks to spirulina which darkened the mixture without altering the taste....

thé blanc pai mu tan spécial

Organic Pai Mu Tan White Tea 1kg

€59.90 - €59.90

Organic Pai Mu Tan White Tea Wholesale - Organic Pai Mu Tan White Tea Supplier The leaves are picked by hand and picked on large trees between March 15 and April 10, if it has not rained and the leaves are dry. The terminal, fluffy bud is generally harvested with the first two young shoots, with large leaves. No pink bud is allowed in the crop and the...

Matcha Japonais 2 x 30g

€38.90 - €38.90

Matcha Bio - Thé Premium en boîte de 30 grammes – Matcha Japonais Bio Le Matcha est le thé des thés. Cette fine poudre verte est utilisée lors de la cérémonie traditionnelle du thé au Japon. Afin de mettre en valeur ce produit d’exception, il est conditionné dans des petites boîtes très qualitatives favorisant sa conservation. Boîtes vendues par 2. Issu...

Organic Yunnan Pu-Erh 1kg

€51.90 - €51.90

Organic Yunnan Pu-Erh Wholesale - Organic Yunnan Pu-Erh Supplier Centuries ago, this tea was reserved for the most privileged Chinese and was still traditionally buried in the soil to develop a typical taste. We have selected this tea very well established, high quality. It is characterized by a dark brown leaf and a strong taste, spicy-earthy....

Café Brésilien Bio Camocim

Organic Brasilian Coffee 1kg

€16.21 - €16.21

Organic Brasilian Camocim Coffee Wholesale - Organic Brasilian Coffee Supplier The Brazilian Bio Camocim Café plantations are located at high altitude in the mountains on the Atlantic side of the Brazilian virgin forest. Wholesale Coffee - Taste and Character 100% Arabica of high quality. Sweet and sweet taste with hints of hazelnut. Very low acidity.