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Café Brésilien Bio Camocim

Organic Brasilian Coffee 1kg

€20.25 - €20.25

Organic Brasilian Camocim Coffee Wholesale - Organic Brasilian Coffee Supplier The Brazilian Bio Camocim Café plantations are located at high altitude in the mountains on the Atlantic side of the Brazilian virgin forest. Wholesale Coffee - Taste and Character 100% Arabica of high quality. Sweet and sweet taste with hints of hazelnut. Very low acidity.

Café Colombien Bio Kachalu

Organic Colombian Coffee 1kg

€18.45 - €18.45

Organic Colombian Kachalu Coffee Wholesale - Organic Colombian Coffee Supplier 100 % arabica Colombian Bio Kachalu coffee plantations are in the heart of Colombian forests and benefit from its humid and hot climate. Taste and character 100% Arabica Strong with a spicy earthy taste. Complex aromas of caramel and chocolate. Fruity notes at the end of the...

Organic Espresso Coffee Mix 1kg

€17.90 - €17.90

Organic Espresso Coffee Wholesale - Organic Coffee Supplier 80 % Arabica - 20 % Robusta Mixes of different organic coffees from South America and Central America. Delicate and balanced.