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Rooibos bio

copy of Organic Rooibos 1kg

€349.00 - €349.00

Organic Rooibos Wholesale - Organic Rooibos Supplier The Rooibos comes from a shrub whose name means "red bush" in Afrikaans. This bush grows only in South Africa because it requires a particular climate and soil. Unlike its name of "red tea", it is by a tea and it does not contain caffeine. The rooibos has a rather sweet flavor even without adding sugar,...

thé vert sencha bio

copy of Organic Sencha Green Tea 1kg

€465.00 - €465.00

Organic Sencha Green Tea Wholesale - Organic Tea Supplier Sencha green tea is the most common tea in Japan. In order to stop the oxidation of the tea leaves, they are subjected to a rapid steam bath, then they are rolled and dried. When produced from Japanese tea trees, its infusion is very green and quite bitter. Here, the use of china tea softened is...

copy of Organic Rukeri Black Tea 1kg

€398.00 - €398.00

Organic Rukeri Black Tea Wholesale - Organic Rukeri Black Tea Supplier In order to prevent the leaves from breaking, they are only minimally displaced during the wilting process. Our tea is composed of long, stiff, half-brown leaves and their taste is slightly spicy with a pleasant citrus note. Ingredient: Rukeri Organic Black Tea